Friday, March 23, 2012

ALISHA's Sequel

I sat down to write the sequel to ALISHA: The Knower, and this is what I found myself typing...

Each of us finds his or her own way in the world.

Our lives are shorter than any of us would choose,

but longer than those who cannot choose.

Book of Ernest, Vol. 1

Alisha stood by the door. She knew what was on the other side. Her hand almost touched the handle. It was stilled in space as if she could choose the destiny that awaited her on the other side. Opportunity was never an option. Choice was a dream believed by the unknowing, and Alisha was a Knower.

Sorry Ernest, but this is my story so I might as well tell it myself. Ernest is a great friend and scribe, but do we really need someone between you and I at this point? I think not. OK, let’s go back to the beginning.


Where she is going with all of this is beyond me. She may be only 'almost' sixteen, but she's my boss when it comes to telling her story. I'm just glad she has allowed me to trans-scribe her words. Ernest

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


SHE KNEW. Even before she woke up that morning. She knew it was coming—coming not for her little brother, mother, father or even her grandmother sleeping in the basement. It was coming for her. ‘Knowing’ was something she’d been born with, tried to hide and tried even harder to deny. She knew, plain and simple. She was, after all, a Knower. ‘Almost’ sixteen, she knew whatever was out there was coming for her.

The first of author Ernest McIntyre’s ALISHA Series of novels.

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Copyright 2012 Ernest McIntyre

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tucson Festival of Books 2012

Tucson's Festival of Books was already rated as #4 in the entire country before last weekend's event. In four years it has grown from great to stupendous. It was like Disneyland for writers and readers. More than one workshop had to turn away people who didn't arrive half an hour early.

Personally, I had a wonderful and educational experience at this year's event. I was there from before they opened until after they closed each day. I can't wait to attend the 2013 event. My only advice to the organizers? Double the seating size of your rooms. You needed it this year and next year? Oh boy, will you ever.